This is the time in which you need to generate maximum savings, to enable you to develop your career and make the purchases you desire, such as a home or practice.

Advising you at an early stage, talking to you about your career path and explaining your options, all help you achieve your goals. Our specialism means we can identify early that your NHS Superannuation has been calculated correctly, miscalculations could have a costly and potentially damaging effect on your pension. Our accounts and tax service, upon receipt of all the required information, offers an efficient turnaround avoiding any penalties and giving you the optimum tax planning to increase your income.

What’s included in the Associates Package?

Everything you need when it comes to your associate accounts is included:

–          Preparation of your annual accounts

–          Preparation of your personal tax return

–          Submission of your personal tax return

–          National Insurance computations

We’ll also make sure you get:

–          Advice on the appropriate bookkeeping records

–          Online or offline folder so your records are organised properly (and save you time at the end of the year)

–          Advice on tax-allowable business expenses.

–          Reminders on payments that need to be made by defined dates

–          Notification of critical elements that affect associates

Associates accounts may seem like they’re all the same, but think about what it does for you in the long run.

How much does it cost?

The Associates Package is £500 +VAT (total £600) per year.  This is usually payable by monthly direct debit of £50.

But this other accountant can do it £50 cheaper…

When you look at an accounting package for associates, they seem like they’re all the same. And in one way, they are.  You submit your stuff, you get your accounts and tax return done, you pay the fee.  So shouldn’t you just pick the cheapest accountant out there?

Well, possibly. It depends on a few things. We’re not right for every associate, but the ones who work with us love us because we know the dental industry.

It might not seem to matter (and another accountant may tell you it definitely doesn’t), but the question is, does it matter to you? What if you decide to buy a practice down the road? What if you have rental property? What if you want to incorporate? These are the kinds of questions we answer regularly, and help associates with.  So, you could save £50 today…or this year…but what about in two years’ time? Ten?  We think long term, and we help you do that as well.

If you definitely want to save a few pounds though, we can direct you to another accountant that does not specialise in dentists, but does good work.


Having been a client at DBS for a couple of years, there have been many times I’ve had to call for help and advice. The team at DBS have always been very understanding of my requirements and their specialist dental knowledge and experience has been invaluable in helping me make appropriate financial decisions. I would (and have!) whole heartedly recommend DBS to friends and family. Many thanks.

Dr Pratik Patel 

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